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Jordan Coons is an accomplished ceramic artist and arts educator based in Syracuse, NY, whose work bridges the gap between craft and artistry. Her unique approach combines functional and conceptual elements, exploring themes of human nature, resilience, strength, and fragility.
After completing her B.S. in Art Education at Buffalo State College in 2010, Jordan pursued her passion for ceramics, earning her M.A. in Art Education from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. Her artistic practice is fueled by a desire to inspire and empower her students to discover their own creative voices.
Jordan's work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including regional exhibitions.
Her pieces are characterized by their intricate designs and attention to detail, showcasing her mastery of traditional ceramic techniques and innovative approaches to form and texture.



As a ceramic artist, I am captivated by the metaphor of the body as a vessel. To me, each of my pieces represents a unique being, with an ornately carved and decorative exterior that mirrors the diverse ways in which we adorn our own bodies.
Beyond its exterior beauty, however, each vessel also serves as a window into the inner self. Negative space offers glimpses of the inner vessel, a concept that speaks to our interactions with one another and the ability to truly see and know others beyond surface-level appearances.
While the exterior of my work is visually striking, the functional interior is where its true value lies. My pieces serve multiple purposes, from drinking vessels to planters to bowls, much like the human body is both physically functional and home to the heart, soul, and mind.
In embracing the uniqueness of each piece, I lean into the imperfections and challenge the rigid expectations of production pottery. Whether it's a noticeable crack or a subtle slip-up from carving, every flaw offers an opportunity to sit with the discomfort of the intersection between unrealistic ideals and reality.
My art speaks to the dehumanizing narratives that permeate our society, reminding us that we are all imperfect and vulnerable, with exteriors that can break at any moment. By treating one another with care and compassion, we can begin to see beyond the surface and connect with the complex heart, soul, and mind that resides within us all.


Mornings in Corning

check out this interview where I talk a bit about my art and teaching.

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